5 Reasons to Get Married In the Winter

Published on Wednesday, 2nd February by Ceri Davies

The winter has long been seen as the least popular wedding season – but it shouldn’t be! Winter weddings have a lot going for them. Think beautiful sunsets, long nights and the possibility of snow! Need a little more convincing? We’re coming to you today with five reasons why winter weddings are actually amazing. Keep scrolling for more…

The Weather

Hear us out on this one. We all know that weddings taking place in the winter are unlikely to be sunny, and they’re certainly not going to be warm, but that is the point – we all know this (guests included). One of our favourite winter wedding perks is the removal of any weather-related stress felt by those getting married at another time of year. You might even get a smattering of snow, and how magical is that.

Romantic Ambiance

The dark nights, glistening frost and chill in the air are all part of what makes this time of year so special. There’s a certain sophistication and a romantic ambiance. When else can you embrace candlelight, roaring fires, sumptuous fabrics and winter fashions.

Rich Warm Colours

The rich, warm tones of berry red, burgundy and gold are everything at this time of year. Natural greenery and hints of tartan, too. All of which work beautifully with the added Christmas decorations that adorn the castle (what’s not to love about free décor!).

Date Flexibility

It is not at all unusual for the diaries of wedding venues and suppliers to fill quickly during the summer months. Opting for a winter date naturally leaves you with much more choice. If you are considering a winter wedding at Rowton Castle and have a date in mind, we’d be more than happy to check our diary for you – just let us know.

Lower Prices

This is the biggie! Most venues will have a pricing structure like ours (one that depends on the day of the week, month and year), and so anyone looking at a winter wedding date should expect the overall price to be lower… You might also find that venues AND suppliers offer additional incentives, too (did someone say Late Availability?).

So, what do you think? Would you now consider a winter wedding?

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