6 Things to Do When you Get Engaged

Published on Tuesday, 4th January by Ceri Davies

Congratulations. Getting engaged has got to be one of the most exciting-love-filled-experiences. But “what next” we hear you ask… well, you’ve come to the right place. What are you waiting for? Read on for the 6 things every newly engaged couple should start with.

Enjoy Being Engaged

We mean it. Take some time. Getting engaged is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated and fully enjoyed; first, together, and then with family and friends. The wedding planning can honestly wait a little while longer.

Set the Budget

Setting your budget is not a romantic exercise, but it is 100% essential to know (1) how you will be financing the big day (will there be contributions), and (2) how much you can / want to spend before you get going with any plans. Remember when doing this that every wedding is different, our priorities are different, and our budgets are different. And that is okay. There is no right or wrong amount to spend, the most important thing is that your overall figure is realistic, you don’t want to be worrying about money when instead you should be enjoying the planning of your day.

If you have sat down to talk finances and have realised that you don’t know where to begin, then we have a handy guide just here.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Now on to the fun bit. You will likely already know who you’d like as bridesmaids and groomsmen – so, tell them! What a great excuse it is to pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate all over again.

Decide on Your Priorities

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give, and we stand by always, is to spend on the things that you love, and cut out those that you don’t care about. What is important to you? Lots of guests, incredible entertainment, an impressive venue or is it about being able look back at an album of beautiful photographs? Only you can answer this question (make pro-con list) – but once you have, just watch everything come together from here!

Take Time to Be Inspired

The very best place to start is Pinterest (prepare yourself to be lost for days at a time), but also check out the wedding blogs and find yourself a stack of magazines (is there anything better). This should help you to define your style! What do the images that you have pinned (or circled in those wonderful magazines) all have in common?

Some of our favourite blogs are… Style Me Pretty, Love My Dress, Wedding Sparrow, Rock My Wedding, So You’re Getting Married. We could go on, but start here!

Book Your VIPs

With time taken time to enjoy your engagement, the budget sorted, priorities confirmed, and style defined you can now move on to booking your VIPs – the suppliers that work only one wedding per day. Start with your venue, your registrar and then move on to your photographer and entertainers. Florists, cake makers and hair and make up artists will come next.

If we can give a final piece of advice… when searching out venues it is best to have a rough guest list together – this way you’ll know if your day will work within the spaces that you covet.

And there we have it… a starting point that we really hope helps.

We’ll be back soon.

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