Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Published on Monday, 28th February by Ceri Davies

Whether you are looking for ways to save money or rather to add a personal touch to your day, we’re coming to you today with four wonderful make-it-yourself centrepiece ideas that range from the full blown to smaller DIY moments.

When it comes to DIY centrepieces, there are a couple of things to consider before you get started…

Take Your Time & Find Your Inspiration: This of course means a deep dive into Pinterest and even the wedding blogs that you love. This is about deciding what you like, and more importantly what you don’t. Once you have pinned or saved a handful of images, take a look back and see what they have in common. And then finally, take a moment and think about whether that is something that you can achieve without the help of a professional.

Set a Budget: It is likely that one of the reasons that you are inclined to make your own centrepieces is so that you save money, so make sure that you are doing this. Set a budget and be sure to shop around for your supplies.

Enlist the Help of your Wedding Party: We LOVE an opportunity to celebrate even the smallest moments in wedding planning. This is one of those moments! So bring your wedding party together, and open a bottle or two of champagne and get making. You might even find a hidden skill or two among your party – how amazing would that be!

Without further ado, lets get in to our four make-it-yourself centerpiece ideas…

Candlesticks & Bud Vases

So simple, yet so elegant. This is a personal favourite of ours and one that can be achieved with very little creative flair. You might choose to keep things sophisticated with a single colour palette or to mix it up with a handful of colours that tie in with the overall scheme. Top Tip: For the magpies out there, brass candlesticks can often be picked up in charity shops or at car boot sales. Couples that have married, will usually sell in bulk afterwards too, so check out eBay before buying new.

Wooden Crates & Silk Flowers

Ideal for those wanting a more rustic feel, this is a relatively quick and easy DIY project for anyone – the best bit, because they don’t contain water, the crates can easily be moved around the venue,  meaning that you have décor from ceremony through to evening reception!

Typed Notes & Vintage Books

Possibly the most personal of all our suggestions – but there is something really quite lovely about sharing a favourite novel or passage with someone else. If you are a book-loving couple, why wouldn’t you do this on your wedding day? Stack the books high, add a framed passage or note or typed table number and you have the personal touch that you’ve been looking for.

Potted Herbs (Or Succulents)

Sustainability in weddings is not going anywhere any time soon, and for good reason. Potted herbs are such a nod to this for their reusable nature. Choose a pot that you will look forward to reusing after the wedding, or gift to your attending guests so that they can plant the herbs (or succulents) from your day in their garden. We’re sure that they will always think to your day when tending to these.

What do you think…? Have our DIY centrepieces inspired you to give it a try? Are there any simple ideas that we might have missed?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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