The wedding day “must haves” you don’t need

Published on Monday, 11th April by Ceri Davies

There’s a checklist out there, one that is as long as all of our daily to-do’s combined (perhaps even longer), that details the things that your wedding day couldn’t be without. We are of course, big believers in the “your-day-your-way” approach to wedding planning, and so if you have happened to stumble upon this checklist, and on reading, you feel that you need it all, then you do you! But for the sceptics out there (and we live among you), we are here today to tell you that there is another way.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Read on for the wedding day “must haves” that you just don’t need.

A Wedding Website

A wedding website can be a wonderful thing, especially if you intend to go completely paperless… after-all, the best part of the wedding website is its guest list builder and RSVP tracking feature. When it comes to the other elements of the site – your table plan, and menu planner, it is likely that your venue or caterer has a template that they would prefer you follow – do this if you can!

The Big White Dress

The rule book has been thrown out on this one. And we LOVE that. Brides are embracing their style and bringing individuality to the table – it is very much the modern way. We’re seeing paired back styles, separates and even some colour. If that’s more you, leave the big white dress in the boutique!

Wedding Favours

We cannot tell you how many wedding favours we have found left at the table, ignored. Save yourself the time, and the money and forget this tradition. We promise you; you’ll be happy that you did! If you are worried that you are skipping an opportunity to thank your guests for sharing your wedding day, then choose a favour that can either be eaten (sugared almonds don’t count) or drunk.

A Gift Registry

Most of us will live with our partner before getting married, removing the need for a traditional registry. If you don’t need a collection of kitchen appliances or guest towels, then skip the gift registry all together. The likelihood is that your guests will still want to give a gift of some kind though, so use your invites to detail what you find to be acceptable.

Save the Date Cards

In our opinion, the save the date card is the most unnecessary “must have”. You will have told those closest to you the date of your wedding the minute that you booked the venue / church – and those that you do invite will make every effort to be there, with or without the reminder. Save the postage costs this time around!

A Guest Book

Be honest with yourselves, is this something that you are going to get out and read on a regular basis? And have you thought about what you will likely end up reading if you do? Just like your favours, a guestbook will either be ignored (and remain empty) or will do the rounds at the end of the night for your drunken friends to leave an inappropriate musing next to a heartfelt message from your grandparents.

What do you think…? Are there any “must haves” that we have missed, or might we have been a little hasty on some fronts?

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