Vow Renewals at Rowton Castle Wedding Venue - The Bride is escorted down the Aisle by her Sons

Reaffirm your Love

Vow Renewal

By Saying your "I Do's" all Over Again

Wedding Vow Renewal

Renew your Vows at Romantic Rowton Castle

There are lots of reasons why a couple might consider celebrating their marriage for a second time; cherished wedding memories from your big day, a milestone anniversary, or for the joy of sharing the day with the children you now share.

A vow renewal is a lovely way of celebrating all over again,  and you can be assured that Rowton Castle is the most romantic castle wedding venue and the perfect place to reaffirm your love for one another.

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Mark that Milestone Anniversary

Anytime after your actual Wedding

Let’s talk technicalities… technically, your vow renewal can take place any time after your actual wedding, but we love the thought that you would chose to mark a milestone anniversary with us here, in our Shrewsbury castle.

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The Groom's Party Pose on the Castle Steps before the Vow Renewal Ceremony at Rowton Castle

A Ceremony that Matters

In a Way that Suits you Best

The vow renewal ceremony is not legally binding, and so you really can celebrate in a way that suits you best. If you are wondering who walks down the aisle, there is no strict rule. Who officiates? A celebrant for formality, or friend for fun.

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Vow Renewals at Rowton Castle Wedding Venue

The Location

From a cosy setting to a grand hall, and even the possibility of vows in our stunning castle gardens, vow renewal ceremonies at Rowton Castle are gorgeous, and we have a ceremony location that is perfect for you!

The Vows

Every Detail Counts

When it comes to vows, you can repeat those you made to each other at your wedding or opt to make new ones (this is where a celebrant really can help!). There can be music, readings, and the exchange of rings.

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Vow Renewal, an Exchange of Rings

Organising & Planning

Guest List & The Dress Code

The beauty of a vow renewal ceremony is that there is simply less pressure. Avoid the stress of the table plan by inviting only your favourite people, and find comfort in a dress code that is you (just remember to mention it to your guests).

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The Bride and Groom walk hand in hand through the castle woodlands

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