How to Plan a Last Minute Wedding

Published on Friday, 22nd November by Ceri Davies

If you’re reading this then it is likely to be because you have thought about the possibility of getting married sooner, rather than later. So many of you start out hoping for this – because really being married is all that matters – but like so many before you, you invariably get caught up in the overwhelming task of planning the day that you have always dreamed of.

Let us tell you that getting married in under a year (and even less than that) is possible, and we’re going share some expert tips and advice on how you can do just that.

Oh, and if you have taken a fancy to our beautiful castle wedding venue, then we’re here to tell you that we have some fabulous late availability dates, but you’ll have to be quick, we don’t expect that they’ll be available for long.

Notes from Rowton Castle

We want nothing more than for you to love every minute of planning your wedding, it is such an exciting time, but so often it can feel like a gigantic task, a stressful and a frantic experience.

You should know that getting married in a short time frame can actually ease stress. It stops you from getting bogged down in the details, you can be decisive and go with your gut feeling… and hopefully benefit from some great deals along the way too (more on that later)!

Start with the Venue

Putting the fear that we are repeating ourselves aside, every wedding planning journey should start with the venue and a short notice wedding is no different. Look out for venues that offer late availability (there are some great savings to be made), all inclusive packages and midweek weddings – chances are weekend dates will be limited! Accept this now.

If an all-inclusive package isn’t available at your chosen venue (we have a pretty great one FYI), don’t fret, a recommended suppliers list can be just as great. It’ll speed up the process by pointing you in the direction of suppliers that you can trust.

Select your Wedding Party

Make an initial guest list and send save the dates ASAP! An email is perfect for this, it is quick and ensures all your guests can make it. Invites can then go out a few months before. Then appoint your trusted bride tribe and groomsmen. The sooner you have these guys involved, the sooner they can get to work with any wedmin tasks that you have set!

Set your Budget

It is best to tackle this not-so-romantic topic early on, and head on. It is so easy to get carried away when you have less time and often convenience will be chosen over cost. Prioritise spending on what is important to you both. That might be décor, or food, entertainment. There’s no right or wrong, do things your way.

Choose a Theme

And now this is the fun part. Pinterest (and Instagram) are a great place to start, but you can take inspiration from anywhere, really. What are you like as a couple? Don’t lose sight of this when determining whether you want formal and traditional or something more laid back.

Book your Must Have Suppliers

Your registrar or celebrant should without doubt come first. Then think about your priorities list, who featured? Photographer, florist, band? Thinking back to what we said earlier about recommended suppliers, your venue may be able to help you find and book the right suppliers quickly.

Find THE Dress

Now let’s be realistic. If you are booking with less than six months to go, the likelihood is that you are either going to have to choose a sample piece or opt for fast-track ordering (if all possible). Take your girls and go and have some fun, just do it as soon as you can – you must leave time for fittings!

Kit Out Everyone Else

The time restraint isn’t quite so great when it comes to your groom, and wedding party. For the guys, hire is an option, but the high street is equally as great a place to look. If you don’t want to shop, mismatch outfits look great and help when it comes to making everyone feel comfortable – your nearest and dearest can chose a style that suits them in the colour that you prescribe – your time is saved, your wedding party are happy. It’s a win-win!

Use the People you Know

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the help around you. We know that there is a lot to do, and it doesn’t hurt to hand out some of the responsibility. As well as this, consider the skills that are around you too. Maybe you have a friend who is a photographer, or a cousin who’s a dab hand at flower arranging, speak to them about how they can help. You never know, they may gift you their services.

Enjoy it

Listen up, this is THE most important piece of advice that we have to offer. Make time for yourselves individually, and as a couple. We find that talking about wedding plans on set days of the week to help, or alternatively, if you are going super short notice and need plenty of time to discuss your day, do the opposite, opt for a wedding free Wednesday instead.

We’d love to know what you think of our advice, and are so excited to see how this post inspires your wedding days.

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