Wedding Trend Report 2020

Published on Monday, 10th February by Ceri Davies

We’re back with a 2020 edition our much loved Wedding Trend Report. From fuss free hair to contemporary florals and fashion, we reflect on what brides want now, bringing you all the wedding trends that you can expect to see.

So let’s welcome the new year, and new DECADE with a new set of rules – or no rules as the case may be.

Let’s go!


This one is not going anywhere, and for good reason. Sustainability was a huge topic in 2019 and has made its way on to the wedding scene in a BIG way. Every feature you now read about weddings will reference sustainability in the wedding industry in some way. Environmentally-conscious couples and industry suppliers are being sustainably pro-active and are making some significant and positive changes in the search for the new standard. We expect to see more foam free arrangements, a focus on recyclable or reusable items, and a want for local and seasonal.


The rule book has been thrown out on this one. And we LOVE that. Bride and Grooms are embracing their style and bringing individuality to the table – it is very much the modern way. We’re seeing statement styles (puffy sleeves and separates?), colours and accessories.

Fuss Free Hair

We’ve said our goodbyes to overly-done hairstyles (we are okay with this), and to veils (for the most part), and are welcoming tousled hair and cool accessories. Expect to see big jewel /pearl encrusted headbands (those that Blair Waldorf would covet) and pretty pearl barrettes.


There is no doubt about it, we are going to be seeing this classic everywhere. And we’re not surprised, the simple pearl is a versatile little thing.

Décor Upgrade

Think overall vibe, not matchy-matchy tablescapes. The approach is sophisticated (don’t mistake this for minimal, that it is not), and opposes the typical wedding look that we have known and loved. Detail is big here, from the colour of the cutlery to the texture of the linen and the fold (or not) of the napkin.

Long Banqueting Tables

This table layout isn’t just for marquees, and doesn’t just work for larger guest numbers – anything from 30 guests and up look amazing in this linear fashion!

Contemporary Florals

Installations will continue to reign in 2020! Elaborate floral centrepieces are being moved off the tables and suspended from the ceilings! It is statement making, it is wild and it is definitely foam-free. Grasses were mentioned last year (a trend that cropped up in fashion and interior design before appearing on the wedding scene), and have made their case to stay – totally different, grasses and dried flowers make such an impact in mostly floral arrangements.

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Rather than alternative dishes for a few guests with dietary requirements, we’re predicting the rise of the vegetarian or plant based wedding menu – that’s right, all guests eating the same – making vegetarianism and veganism the norm.

Colour: Green

Now we could say that green is making a come back, but did it really go anywhere? An elegant match to whites and pinks, it is the perfect neutral that will work against so many other colours, too. We love it on its own (in shades of sage and olive) mixed with metallics and light wood textures.


Confession time, there was no way that neon signs were not making this list. We LOVE them so. And really, what is not to love. Either on their own or as part of a floral installation or backdrop, they’re fun! Even a little edgy.

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