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11th April 2022

The wedding day “must haves” you don’t need

There’s a checklist out there, one that is as long as all of our daily to-do’s combined (perhaps even longer), that details the things that your wedding day couldn’t be without. We are of course, big believers in the “your-day-your-way” approach to wedding planning, and so if you have happened to stumble upon this checklist, and on reading, you feel...

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28th February 2022

Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Whether you are looking for ways to save money or rather to add a personal touch to your day, we’re coming to you today with four wonderful make-it-yourself centrepiece ideas that range from the full blown to smaller DIY moments. When it comes to DIY centrepieces, there are a couple of things to consider before you get started… Take Your...

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10th February 2020

Wedding Trend Report 2020

We’re back with a 2020 edition our much loved Wedding Trend Report. From fuss free hair to contemporary florals and fashion, we reflect on what brides want now, bringing you all the wedding trends that you can expect to see. So let’s welcome the new year, and new DECADE with a new set of rules - or no rules as...

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1st May 2019

Wedding Trend Report 2019

From floral installations to unplugged ceremonies, here are our top wedding trend predictions for anyone planning a wedding this year... of course, let us say, you don't need to incorporate trends into your wedding day, and we are so on board with that and the "you do you" school of wedding planning. Make your day your own, and have a...

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